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Care for Luxury Linens

Care for Luxury Linens

Care for Luxury Linens
How to care for fine linens?

Most of our fine bedding is made of cotton, linen or micro-modal (SDH Legna) is machine washable and dryable. The exception is certain matelasse (piquet) coverlets which shrink considerably and need to be dry cleaned.

Heat is the enemy! We do not recommend washing or drying with high heat which breaks the fibers and reduces the lifespan of your fine linens.

If you want to enjoy your luxury bedding for years to come:

  • Wash in lukewarm water

  • Wash linens separately from other household items. The friction caused by zippers or buttons on clothing will reduce the lifespan of your fine bedding. Washing towels with bed linens will cause the bedding to lint.

  • Use a wash powder or liquid that does not contain bleach or optical brighteners, and use about 1/2 of the manufacturers recommended amount. You may also wish to dilute the powder or liquid before adding to the machine.

    We recommend The Laundry Fine Linen Wash which is composed of organic substances, and is PH balanced. Or you may opt for SDH Fine Fabric Wash. Using these products will extend the lifespan of your fine linens.

  • Stay away from fabric softeners - all natural fibers will relax with repeated washing and become softer over time. Like women and some wines, linen (flax) becomes particularly fine with age.

  • Do not overdry! Ideally, you want to line dry your linens. But let's get real. Most of us will use a dryer. Therefore, take your fine bedding out of the dryer just before it is completely dry.

    If you want to iron pillowcases or shams, it will be easier if the linens are slightly damp. We recommend an ordinary "spritzer" bottle to dampen your linens.

    Hate to iron? You are not alone! Our linens specialist, Ingrid, swears by her Conair steamer. She steams her clothes, table linens and bedding in a fraction of the time.

    Cashmere and wool: Cashmere and wool blankets need to be dry cleaned.

    Down comforters and pillows: If you use a duvet cover, your down comforter will only need infrequent cleaning. Some companies claim that their down comforters and pillows may be washed, but if you don't dry them completely, the down will start to mold.

    Logic and common sense in washing insure that your luxury linens will give you many years of enjoyment.

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