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Comforters & Pillows

There's nothing cozier than a soft, poufy goose down comforter, especially on a chilly fall or winter night.

Lightweight and warm, down envelopes you in it's soothing embrace. With so much down on the market (and at varying price points), wouldn't you like to know what constitutes a luxury down product?

Please see our brief discussion about what constitutes Quality in Down Comforters and Pillows.

Depending on budget, our fine goose down comforters and pillows range from 600 fill power up to exclusive eiderdown from Canada and Switzerland.

Buxton 600 FP Down by SferraCapri 650 FP Nancy Koltes700 FP SateenTorino 750 FP Nancy Koltes
800 FP SateenLocarno 850 FP by Fischbacher Lajord 850 FP by St. GeneveLugano  850 FP by Fischbacher
Lugano 850 FP (Batiste)Lucerne  Down ComforterEmbassy 1000 FP by St. GeneveJames Bay Wild  Goose Down
Eiderdown (Swiss) by FischbacherEiderdown Comforter by St. GeneveVilla D'Este 850 FPZermatt Winter  Comforter
Geneva Down ComforterDown PillowsPurists Wool Mattress PadWool Mattress Pad (Australia)
Wengen  850 FP PillowLoure Alternative Down ComforterLoure Alternative Down PillowTenor Mattress Pad