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Giza 45 by Sferra

Giza 45 by Sferra

SFERRA Giza 45 - what makes it special?

The best planting seed plus the unique climate and soil of Egypt produce a superfine, top of the market extra long staple cotton called Giza 45.

Until now the finest bedding was produced using Giza 70 yarn. Giza 45 yarns were used exclusively for designer shirting which resulted in a softer, finer fabric that had a subtle drape.

Fabric: Woven in Italy 109 gram/sq. meter

In addition, Sferra linens woven from Giza 45 yarns have a strength and natural luster that is also less prone to pilling.

Please call Aiko Luxury Linens at 800 972-2456 if you have any questions about Sferra bedding and Sferra Giza 45 yarns.

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