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Italian Wood Fiber Sheets

Wood fiber sheets and towels come from nature herself. This page gives a brief explanation of what consitutes wood fiber bedding.

Italian wood fiber sheets are produced from the cellulose fiber of beechwood, eucalyptus, or oak. Wood pulp is harvested from hardwood trees grown on farms especially for this purpose.

Most of the Italian wood fiber linens come from the beech wood tree. Beech groves are a completely sustainable source. The special characteristic about the growth of the beech tree is that it multiplies via "rejuvenation", which means that the tree population practically grows itself.

Natural Climate Regulation: The metabolism of trees is based on water. The cooling energy generated during evaporation is important for the entire eco-system and helps to balance temperature variations.

Due to it's structure, wood fiber sheets and towels can absorb sufficient moisture, which it then releases rapidly into the environment - the end result is a natural fiber that wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps you cooler.

SDH Legna is an excellent choice of bedding that is elegant, comfortable, and ecologically responsible.

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