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Sieger Furstenberg Porcelain

The history of Fürstenberg Porzellanmanufaktur dates to 1747. It is the second porcelain manufacturer in Germany that is still in production since the discovery of the formula in Europe for hard paste porcelain, a secret jealously guarded by the Chinese for about 1000 years.

Hard paste porcelain (fired at about 1,400 degrees C) is finer and more durable than soft paste porcelain. A thinner, elegant form is thus possible.

Formed by a combination of kaolin (clay), feldspar and quartz, hard paste porcelain is thin, strong, and translucent.

You will find Furstenberg dinneware at such luxury hotels as BACCARAT HOTEL and RESIDENCES (New York), VILLA RENE LALIQUE (Vosges, France), MERIDIEN (Abu Dhabi) and many more.

This page features select china/dinnerware patterns by Furstenberg and Sieger for Furstenberg:

* Omnia * Emperor's Garden * Wunderkammer * Rajastan * Greque Athena * Seven

As these dinnerware patterns may not be purchased online, please contact Aiko Luxury Linens at 800 972-2456 for pricing and to place your order.

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Furstenberg European Dinnerware Rajastan
Fürstenberg Omnia
Sieger by Furstenberg Emperor's Garden
Fürstenberg Carlo Dal Bianco Rajastan
Sieger by Furstenberg Wunderkammer European Dinnerware
Sieger for Fürstenberg Wunderkammer
Furstenberg European Dinnerware Rajastan
Sieger for Fürstenberg Emperor's Garden
Classic European Dinnerware Greque Athena by Furstenberg
Fürstenberg Greque Athena
Classic European Dinnerware Greque Athena by Furstenberg
Fürstenberg Seven - Floral Blue