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Silk Coverlets

Silk Coverlets

The history of silk stretches back more than 2000 years to Imperial China.

Legend has it that the Empress Hsi Ling Shi was sipping tea under a mullberry tree tree when a cocoon fell into her cup, and began to unravel.

The lustrous thread shimmered and delighted her so, that she soon developed sericulture which resulted in the most luxurious silk garments. Silk was reserved for Chinese royalty.

Our Italian silk coverlets reflect elegance and beauty for the sophisticated home.

Here are some in-stock customer favorites:

  • Big Diamond quilted silk coverlet by Ann Gish
  • Channel Quilt by Ann Gish

  • <font color=red>New</font> Charmeuse Channel Quilt CoverletAllegro Coverlet(SDH)Anna Silk Coverlet
    Quilted Basketweave SilkPetalo CoverletPouf Purists
    Wild Silk