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Yacht & Private Jet Table Linens

Yacht & Private Jet Table Linens

These understated, elegant table linens are suitable for residence, yacht or private jet.

Our table linens are expertly tailored, without embellishments, made of fine fabrics of cotton or linen.

Collections by Sferra are in stock for quick shipment.

You will find Quagliotti tablecloths at the Crillon and Plaza Athene in Paris, Le Beau Rivage in Geneva, private jets and yachts from Montevideo to Dubai.

Formal table linens by Quagliotti are custom made to order in Italy with delivery in approximately 5-6 weeks.

In addition to custom size table linens, Aiko Luxury Linens is pleased to provide custom logo place mats, napkins and tablecloths for yacht and private jet.

Coralli DEAClassico SferraFiandra (Custom)Linen Hemstitch  (Custom)
Liberty Quagliotti (Custom)Lucerne (Custom)Raso Luxe Quagliotti (Custom)Linen Satin Stitch (Custom)