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Blankets & Throws

Aiko Luxury Linens can help you find new must-haves that become cherished and enjoyed by friends and family alike.

Whether it’s the warmth of merino lambswool, the breathability of cotton, or the extravagance of cashmere, our blanket and throw selection offers the perfect piece to suit any style.

Deciding to stay an extra five minutes in bed is not a question when you have chosen the perfect blanket. From simple and classic to bold and modern, our blankets and throws reflect the high standards our customers have come to expect. Blankets are considered a staple piece when choosing fine linens as they are a soft, lightweight alternative to using a duvet cover for a good night sleep.

Throws are a perfect complement when watching a movie or reading a book. You can also use a throw to protect your furniture or to take with you on an outdoor adventure.

Other Must Have Blankets and Throws for this Season are:
  • Emma Cotton Wool Blanket by SDH
  • Legna Blanket by SDH

    We are confident you will find the perfect blanket or throw to take your home décor to the next level of comfort and style.

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