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Monarch Duvet by Ogallala

Monarch Duvet by Ogallala

Light as a caress, the Monarch Hypodown comforter by Ogallala Down keeps you cozy from dusk til dawn.

  • Ogallala Down with it's unique Hypodown fill has a classic baffle box construction to prevent down from shifting.

  • The Monarch down comforter has a 300 thead count long staple cotton sateen shell with satin piping.
  • Ogallala Down Hypodown comforters are available in a choice of 600, 700 or 800 fill power*

  • Oversize Queen/King Hypodown down comforters are available. Ogallala Down comforters are also available in "Arctic" weight for those sleeping in colder climates.

  • Please call Aiko Luxury Linens at 800 972-2456 for pricing on sizes not listed online.

    For Hypodown down pillows see Ogallala pillows

    *Let's demystify Fill Power: Fill Power is simply the space that one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the larger the down cluster, and the fluffier your comforter will be. An average down duvet (comforter) is in the 500 fill power range - ours are a luxurious 700 and 800 fill power.

    Fluffy, light and warm Ogallala Down comforters - 3 good reasons to get more than 8 hours sleep.

  • Hypodown products are custom made in Ogallala, Nebraska. Custom made bedding may not be returned.

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  • Monarch Classic 600 Twin Comforter 68"x88" 24 oz.

    Monarch Classic 600 Queen Comforter 90"x94"

    Monarch Classic 600 King Comforter 104"x88" 36 oz.

    Monarch Southern 700 Twin Comforter 68"x88" 19oz.

    Monarch Southern 700 Queen Comforter 90"x94" 24 oz.

    Monarch Southern 700 King Comforter 104"x88" 28 oz.

    Monarch Classic 700 Twin Comforter 68"x88" 24 oz.

    Monarch Classic 700 Queen Comforter 90"x94" 35 oz.

    Monarch Classic 700 King Comforter 104"x88" 36 oz.