Springtime Clear

SPRINGTIME CLEAR by Varga - truly unique crystal stemware that is hand crafted and signed by the artist.

  • Water 9 oz. 8.75"
  • Wine 6 oz. 8.25"
  • Champagne Flute 4 oz. 8.75

    Care: Hand Wash

    Varga crystal is made in Hungary - please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

    Imported crystal may not be returned or exchanged.

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  • Varga Springtime Clear Water Glass SPRC-Water$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Wine Glass SPRC-Wine$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Champagne Flute SPRC-Champage$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Martini SPRC-Martini$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Old Fashioned SPRC-OF$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Highball SPRC-Highball$180.00Color: 
    Varga Springtime Clear Whiskey Decanter SPRC-Decanter$598.00Color: 

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