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Yacht & Jet Blankets Throws, Duvets

Yacht & Jet Blankets Throws, Duvets

Aiko Luxury Linens is pleased to offer custom blankets and throws with your corporate logo or name of yacht.

You may choose from 100% cashmere, cashmere blends, 100% cotton, baby alpaca, and wool.

Must Haves for your yacht or private jet:

  • Everest cashmere throw by Marzotto

  • Gold cashmere blend throw by Somma.

    Please feel free to contact Aiko Luxury Linens in Miami, Florida for any specific requirements.

    Return to Yacht and Private Jet for fine custom bedding, towels, robes, blankets, throws, table linens, dinnerware, and glassware

  • Travel DuvetBari Cashmere ThrowDolomiti Throw<font color=red> New</font> Ermes 100% Cashmere
    Everest Cashmere  ThrowFiletto Cashmere ThrowFrame Cashmere Blend ThrowGeisha Cashmere Blanket
    Gold Cashmere Blend Throw<font color=red>New</font> Kilimangiaro Cashmere ThrowMichelangelo BlanketOrigami Light Blanket
    Puro Baby Alpaca Throw<font color=red>New</font> Torcello Cashmere BlendRoma Cashmere ThrowTermocoperta Merino Blanket