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CoBi Blankets and Throws

CoBi Blankets and Throws

Since its inception, CoBi Cashmere has manufactured the finest blankets and throws using the highest quality of fibers. Their mission is to never compromise the quality and prestige of their products. Cashmere fibers are transformed in Biella, Italy by spinners, weavers and manufacturers who combine ancient skills and traditions with modern technologies, to create exceptionally soft and innovative designs.

CoBi Cashmere is invested in making the smallest details the greatest, which is why they curate their selection of designs and colors. Knowing their standard of excellence gives you a peace of mind when choosing your blanket or throw for your home. Their wide range of classic and contemporary wefts guarantees to meet the needs of any taste or style.

These blankets and throws have been carefully designed and produced under an artisanís supervision to ensure the highest quality of Italian finish.

CoBi cashmere blankets and throws are stocked in Italy and ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.

2Righe Cashmere/Wool Blanket2Righe Wool/Cashmere Throw9505 Brown 100% Cashmere BlanketAida Silk/ Wool Blanket
Alex 100% Camel Blanket100% Camel Alpaca/Wool Throw BlanketAndrea Wool/Came/Cashmere BlanketAurora Camel/Angora/Cashmere Blanket
Beatrice 100% Cashmere BlanketBurcina 100% Wool BlanketCaffe 100% Cashmere ThrowDakota Camel/Wool.Cashmere Throw
Dallas 100% Cashmere Throw Dany 100% Cashmere BlanketDoris Wool/Cashmere BlanketDoris Wool/Cashmere Throw
Double 100% Cashmere ThrowKate 100% Cashmere BlanketLady Cashmere/Silk BlanketLetizia 100% Cashmere Blanket
Patty Cashmere/Wool BlanketStella Wool/Angora/Wool/Cashmere Blanket Xandra 100% Cashmere BlanketTop 100% Cashmere Throw
Treccia Cashmere/Wool ThrowFlorence Cashmere/ Wool ThrowIrish 100% Cashmere ThrowMiki Winter Wool Blanket
Mucrone Wool BlanketJenny Winter Cashmere Blanket