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Embroidered Duvet Covers

Embroidered Duvet Covers

Embroidery is the world's oldest textile decoration. We find evidence of Assyrian embroideries on bas reliefs that date back to about 3500 BCE.

SALE Exquisite Italian bedding by Bagni Volpi Noemi. Sale ends April 28.

The art of embroidery was evidence of nobility, culture and sophistication.

This has not changed in the 21st century when embroidery on textiles is still considered an aristocratic endeavor.

This month we feature:

* Bagni Volpi Percale * Marina by Dea of Italy * Celine by Bagni Volpi Noemi * Eternal Flower from the Luxury Nights collection of Christian Fischbacher (Switzerland)

Embroidered sheets to match the duvet covers are available - all custom embroidered duvet cover sets are made to order in Italy or Switzerland.

AntiguaAlpaufzug 566AriannaAthena
Bagni Volpi PercaleBarcelona Embroidered by Svad DondiButterfly 700Celine
Greek KeyIsabellaMarina EmbroideryMarilý
 Mistral Embroidered by Svad DondiPaolinaPortofinoRebecca
Sorrento EmbroiderySweet Dreams 557TorcioneVaticano