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High Thread Count Sheets

High Thread Count Sheets

Let's face it, there is no lack of 1000 thread count sheets on the market with all sorts of price tags. Although thread count is not the only indication of quality, it is one of the components in the final product.

In order to achieve a true thread count of 1000, a reputable manufacturer uses a 4 ply yarn construction of ultra-fine long staple yarns which are rare and costly. This results in a smooth, light finish because the spaces between the yarns are extremely small.

A superior cotton yarn has the following measurable characteristics: long staple, uniformity in length of the fibers, fiber strength, fineness, and elasticity.

Properties of cotton that are not measurable include items like style, silkiness, and luster.

You can imagine the damage caused to cotton fiber by the blades of machinery. Therefore, the more expensive GIZA cottons are harvested by hand, and then combed using skillful techniques

GIZA cotton is picked in Upper Egypt mainly during August and September, and usually only in the morning when the cotton lint is dry enough for picking, but the plant leaves are not so dry/brittle (resulting in less foreign material in the cotton itself).

This laborious and time consuming process adds to the cost of the raw material, but ensures high quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

On average, extra long staple GIZA (ELS) cotton can be 5 times as expensive as regular Egyptian cotton, and this is even before the fabric is woven and finished!

These high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets using the finest extra long staple cotton will result in a superior product.

Beware of high thread count sheets which are inexpensive as they are produced of inferior yarns. They will be stiff, heavy and likely to pill in a very short time.

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