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100% Linen Sheets

100% Linen Sheets

Luxury linen sheets from Italy, France and Switzerland - yes, we know they are not for everyone. They do wrinkle more than 100% cotton, but that is part of their charm. 100% linen sheets also get softer (and wrinkle less) with repeated washing.

Europeans love 100% linen bedding for it's smooth texture and cool hand.

The ancient Egyptians wove a superfine linen that was spun from flax harvested when the plants were very young. Only royal families could afford linen bedding that took months of constant industry to weave. These pure linen sheets produced a subtle mixture of suppleness and sheerness which gave a sensuous softness after several washings.

100% linen sheets are so soft and light, the effect is that of being caressed by a gentle breeze - pure linen is the ultimate fiber for a comfortable sleep.

With 81,000 hectares of flax fiber cultivated, Europe produces 80% of global linen production. Click here for more information about flax and it's uses.

If you are interested in custom twin sizes, please consider the following collections: MANTUA, PUROLINO by Christian Fischbacher, CANTERBURY by SDH.

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