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Fine Linen Questions

Fine Linen Questions

Welcome to Aiko Luxury Linens of Miami and thank you for your interest in fine linens for bed, bath and table.

With a large number of products available in the US at various price points, there are sure to be questions about home textiles.

  1. 1) What determines quality in fine linens?

  2. 2) How do I care for fine linens?

  3. 3) What is thread count?

  4. 4) Is thread count important?

  5. 5) Is sateen bedding better than percale?

  6. 6)Why do we select European linens?

  7. 7) Why buy your fine linens and bedding from Aiko Luxury Linens?

Quality in Fine Linens

1) Fine linens come from high quality fibers (cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, down cluster). For example, only 6% of the total cotton produced can be called "extra long staple" which produces the finest yarns.

Click here for detailed information about the characteristics of high quality linens.

A good example of ultra luxurious bedding and table linens would be that of Quagliotti.

Caring for Fine Linens

2) "Less is more" when it comes to luxury linen care. Use less laundry detergent + lower temperatures, and your fine linens will give you many years of use. Don't forget to use the lowest setting on your dryer.

For more details about luxury linens care click here.

Thread Count

3) Thread count is simply the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of fabric.

Importance of Thread Count

4) By itself thread count is not the determining factor of quality. Yarn quality and the finishing process are more important than thread count. For example, some of the finest bedding is Sateen 105 by Christian Fischbacher of Switzerland which is 300 thread count.

Sateen vs. Percale

5) This is a question of personal taste. Sateen bedding has a lustrous sheen and subtle drape, whereas percale sheets are crisp and cool.

European Linens vs. Other Linens

6) In our search for the finest bedding and table linens, we have found that the Europeans continue their tradition of using the best raw materials and pay close attention to all steps of the production such as finishing and sewing.

Several of our European suppliers are family owned and take great pride in their linens:
  • Slabbinck (Belgian)
  • Christian Fischbacher (Swiss)
  • Dea (Italian)
  • Quagliotti (Italian)
  • Cottimaryanne (Italian)
  • Bagni Volpi Noemi (Italian) for the most exquisite embroidered bedding.

    They have a shared history that goes back several generations, and are passionate about what they do. It is not simply business as usual, but a committment to produce the best possible textiles.

    Buying from Aiko Luxury Linens

    7) We believe that beauty should be found in objects that we use every day. All cultures, even so-called "primitive" ones, find ways of expressing an aesthetic sensibility.

    Textiles touch us when bathing, dining and sleeping. So why not surround ourselves with things that are soft, comfortable and beautiful?

    Aiko Luxury Linens shares your passion for beautiful textiles and their ability to create an elegant haven against the chaos of the outside world.

    Providing our customers with the tools to create a unique, magnificent interior is our pleasure and privilege. We take the time to know our customer, and provide one on one customer service (something that is becoming quite rare these days).

    Besides, we love what we do!