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Giza Egyptian  Cotton Sheets

Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets

GIZA cotton plants are cultivated in only a small area of the Nile Delta. The unique climate and fertility of the soil produce some of the longest cotton fibers that are strong and have a natural luster.

The resulting fibers may be labeled (ELS) or extra long staple.

The resulting fabric has an extraordinary soft and silky weave that makes Giza Egyptian cotton bed sheets feel so sensuous against the skin.

Our Must Have Giza Percale Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets are Sale GIZA 87 LUXE in 800 TC sateen by Bagni Volpi of Italy, and our very own Bespoke GIZA Percale.

Bespoke Giza PercaleBespoke Giza SateenGiza 87 Luxe SateenSferra Giza 45 Medallion
Sferra Giza 45 PercaleSferra Giza 45 JacquardSferra Giza 45 SateenSferra Giza 45 Stripe
Sferra Giza 45 Lace Percale