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Matelasse Coverlets

Matelasse Coverlets

What is a "matelassť"?

The word "matelassť" comes from the French "matelas" which means mattress. A matelassť coverlet or sham is a fabric that looks padded (or quilted), but actually has no padding.

The patterns are meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts.

Luxury matelassť coverlets and shams are generally thinner than quilted coverlets, and convey a modern, streamlined sensibility.

Some customer favorites:

  • Far East by SDH
  • Bari Diamond Pique by Sferra

  • Adlon Coverlet Purists<font color=red>New</font> Albert<font color=red>New</font> Brillantine<font color=red>New</font> Borneo
    <font color=red>New</font> Forte dei Marmi Quilt<font color=red>New</font> Leo Linen/Wool Coverlet<font color=red>New</font> Manarola Coverlet<font color=red>New</font> Marea Linen Quilt
    <font color=red>New</font> Monterosso<font color=red>New</font> Noah Vintage<font color=red>New</font> Noah Jacquard Quilted Coverlet <font color=red>New</font> Sullivan
    Allegro Coverlet(SDH)Bari Diamond PiqueSferra BissaCorfu Coverlet
    Eton CoverletFar East CoverletSferra FavoFlat Iron Coverlet
    MadisonMalta CoverletNapoli CoverletOlivia
    Pearl CoverletPetalo CoverletPouf Silk CoverletSprang
    Zona Coverlet (SDH)