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Matelasse Coverlets

Matelasse Coverlets

What is a "matelassť"?

The word "matelassť" comes from the French "matelas" which means mattress. A matelassť coverlet or sham is a fabric that looks padded (or quilted), but actually has no padding.

The patterns are meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts.

Luxury matelassť coverlets and shams are generally thinner than quilted coverlets, and convey a modern, streamlined sensibility.

Some customer favorites:

  • Far East by SDH
  • Bari Diamond Pique by Sferra

  • Adlon Coverlet PuristsBrillantineBorneoForte dei Marmi Quilt
    Leo Linen/Wool CoverletManarola Coverlet Marea Linen Quilt Monterosso
    Noah VintageNoah Jacquard Quilted Coverlet SullivanAllegro Coverlet(SDH)
    Bari Diamond PiqueSferra BissaCorfu CoverletEton Coverlet
    Far East CoverletSferra FavoFlat Iron CoverletMadison
    Malta CoverletNapoli CoverletOliviaPearl Coverlet
    Petalo CoverletPouf Silk CoverletSprangZona Coverlet (SDH)